Hero shot of the Stratum heating and cooling desk mat, a minimal white box attached to a narrow fabric mat

Workplace Thermal Comfort

Studio Concept

Stratum is a desk mat that gives office workers control over their own temperature by applying heating or cooling directly to the forearms.

It works on the principle of spatial alliesthesia - the same way you quickly feel more comfortable when you wrap your hands around a hot mug on a chilly day, or run your wrists under cold water when you’re too warm. By localising the application of heating and cooling, Stratum can keep users feeling just right in a wide range of office temperatures, using a fraction of the energy and with no impact on those around them.‍

Stratum is designed to be unobtrusive and facilitate productivity by minimising interactions with the device. The mat self-regulates to maintain users' desired temperature, and it takes just a matter of seconds to switch between heating, cooling and neutral presets. If the full desk space is needed, Stratum can be simply rolled up and moved aside.

A sketch showing a woman using Stratum for heating working at a desk opposite a man using it for coolingThe Stratum heating and cooling mat being used at a desk, with the users wrists resting on the mat while typingA hand pressing a preset button on the Stratum interface to change the temperature settingHands rolling up the Stratum mat into a compact formAn arrangement of development prototypes including foam models, appearance models and an electronic functional prototype