A guitar with the Jack system products surrounding it – wireless earbuds, a jack plug transmitter and a charging case

Empowered practice experience

Studio Concept
Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020

Jack is a wireless guitar headphone amplifier – a system that offers unlimited tones and effects, along with a truly cable-free practice experience. Combining wireless headphone technology with digital amp simulation, Jack enhances guitarists' practice sessions. As well as providing a discreet and portable way to practice any time and any place, it unlocks a world of tonal options that can replicate the sounds of any guitar, amp and effects pedal combinations. The system consists of 3 elements: a jack plug transmitter, noise-cancelling earbuds and a smartphone app.

The physical elements of the system are designed with simple tactile controls to keep the focus on playing the guitar. The jack plug's touch-capacitive tip switches between the user's active sound presets, letting them move seamlessly between tones mid-song. Gesture controls on left and right earbuds enable phone-free volume adjustment and backing track navigation.

Within the Jack app, users can build and fine-tune their sound presets with powerful tonal controls, limitless gear combinations and simulated effects. Emulators for real-world guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and the distinctive sounds of guitar legends are available for purchase in the in-app store. Integration with music streaming services allows users to play along to tracks from their own music library and record their practice sessions for self-improvement.

A sketch of the Jack system, showing the three system elements - earbuds, app and jack plug transmitterClose-up of a guitar with the jack plug transmitter plugged in and earbuds lying next to itA man playing guitar with the Jack wireless earbuds in his earsA hand plugging the Jack plug transmitter into the socket of a guitarHands holding an iPhone showing the Jack app store where users can purchase amp simulatorsA page of concept sketches done with pen and marker of the jack plug product26 3D printed prototypes of the jack plug product laying on top of a page of sketchesHand holding a foam model prototype of the Jack charging case