An industrial design agency for
movers, shakers & change-makers

It's time to do things differently. Time to rethink our products, our spaces, our experiences.

We work with people who challenge the norm to change behaviours and perceptions. People who embrace new technologies as enablers for better ways. People with a vision for building a sustainable, regenerative future.

People who believe design has the power to drive that change.

Studio Elk founder Tony Elkington brainstorming in the studio

Bold ideas to real, tangible impact

Whatever stage you're at with your idea, we can bring creativity, clarity and confidence to the process.

Our partners

We prefer to see our "clients" as collaborators. Our best work happens when we get to work with people who care about the same things we do.

Size doesn't matter - we've worked with global brands, innovative start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. If you have a vision that will drive positive change, we want to help you make it a reality.

A profile photo of Tony Elkington, Studio Elk's founder

Tony Elkington

Tony Elkington founded Studio Elk in 2018 to focus on work that aligns more closely with his personal and design values. Studio Elk represents Tony's optimistic (stubborn) belief that design will drive the change we need.

Tony has worked as part of in-house design teams, in consultancies and as a freelancer for some of London's leading brands and agencies, giving him an intimate understanding of the various facets of the product development process.